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Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, Prototron Circuits is a printed circuit board manufacturer committed to bringing your designs to reality, in a timely maner, with the utmost quality and care.
Our Mission

Prototron Circuits is committed to providing quality printed circuit boards to our customers while maintaining one of the highest "On Time" delivery rates in the industry. We are further committed to provide premier customer service at all levels of the organization while conducting ourselves with the pride and integrity that has been the backbone of this company since its inception. The following represents how we at Prototron earn our reputation as a premier PCB supplier:


Whether we deliver a board in twenty-four hours or in five days, Prototron can be relied upon to provide a high quality board that is compliant to IPC specifications.


We are dedicated to meeting all of our customers' technological needs from the simplest to the most complex technology. With Prototron's strong engineering support, we can provide assistance with impedance calculations, as well as unique solutions to complex design problems.


We pride ourselves with unmatched on time delivery so our customers' deadlines are kept.

Premier Customer Service

We consider it a true privilege to serve our customers. We have worked hard to develop great customer relationships. We will continue working as a team with customers to maintain a relationship you can depend on.

Our History

Prototron Circuits started operations in July of 1987 to serve the local electronics manufacturing community by providing a source for quick turn Printed Circuit Boards. Printed Circuit Board manufacturers typically were offering completion of orders within a 4 to 6 week time frame. Prototron Circuits made a commitment to offer much quicker and more flexible delivery schedules, typically 5-working days and as fast as 1-day. This commitment drew attention from the local electronics industry's research and development departments as a service that operates as an extension of their business. Since 1987 companies across the entire US have come to recognize this service which brought about a partnership with the industry that is relied upon to rapidly develop today's newest technologies.

As a Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer, Prototron Circuits strives to make technological advances based on the demands and changing requirements of its customers and technology. These advances have included the manufacturing of multilayer printed circuit boards, up to 30 layers, minimum trace width's of 0.003", minimum drilled hole diameter of 0.006", and optional plating finishes such as full body and immersion gold. In 1996, Prototron added a photo-plotting and CAM/Engineering department to further assist our customers with concurrent engineering via CAM software to ensure quality before a design is released for manufacturing.

In January of 1997, Prototron Circuits acquired Cir-Quick, Inc. of Kirkland, WA making Prototron the largest prototype printed circuit board manufacturer in the Northwest with over 35,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

In January 1999, Prototron Circuits acquired Southwest Circuits, Inc. of Tucson, AZ. Prototron Circuits - Tucson is a MIL-SPEC shop offering our military and commercial customers fast-turn capabilities with experience in manufacturing Rogers, Teflon, Duroid, PTFE and other specialty materials.

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